Getting Started with Scuba Diving

If you have already registered for an upcoming Open Water course or you aren’t quite sure if scuba diving is for you, this list will give you an understanding of what the instruction will be like.

  1. When you begin scuba instruction, in addition to classroom or PADI e-learning work, you’ll be introduced to the gear and learn how to set it up and what each piece does.
    UWS Scuba InstructionUWS Scuba Instruction

  2. Your instructor will take the time to point out and explain each step you’re about to take underwater.
    UWS InstructionUWs Instruction

  3. Our instructors work with you at a speed that’s comfortable to you, making sure you master every skill.
    UWS Pool TrainingUWS Pool Training

  4. You’ll learn skills like clearing your ears and how to use your BC’s inflate/deflate valve.
    UWS Instruction Mask ClearingUWS Instruction BCD inflate

  5. Pool sessions are part of diving training and will help you to get comfortable with breathing underwater.
    UWS Instruction 2

  6. Once you’re comfortable, your instructor will have you attempt a surface swim while breathing through the reg.
    UWS InstructionUWS Class Surface Swim

  7. You’ll work to gain confidence as you get used to the gear, all while in the safe environment of a pool.
    UWS Pool WorkUWS Pool Work

  8. You’ll be introduced to the concepts of neutral buoyancy and being properly weighted, so that you’ll be able to descend correctly.
    UWS buoyancy UWS buoyancy

  9. Once you’ve mastered all the skills and completed all the classroom or e-learning work, you’ll do your checkout dives!
    UWS Open Water DivesUWS Open Water Dives

We hope this list will help you feel a little more comfortable before getting into the water, UWS is committed to certifying safe and knowledgeable divers. As the diver you maintain a high level of responsibility for getting comfortable with the skills, gear, and procedures of scuba diving, but your instructor will guide you closely throughout the course. They will be by your side, assisting you, at every point during your training.

Check out our class calendar to find upcoming courses at a shop near you!