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Computer Diagnostics

Unit is depth tested in a pressurized chamber to simulate diving. Computer information such as bottom time remaining and depth accuracy are recorded. A report is prepared with specific details regarding computer functions. *The report satisfies standards for city, state, and federal requirements on equipment maintenance documentation.


Cylinder Services

Air Quality Testing $95 (Quarterly) Gas inside a cylinder is analyzed for oxygen percentage, water vapor, dew point, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. A report is then generated with specific, suggestions, and their final air grade. Cylinder Hydrostatic Test (3-5 Years) $40 A visual inspection of the cylinder is conducted as per industry standards. […]


BCD Repair

BCD Diagnostics $20 Inflator / alternate air source is inspected for functionality. Dump valves are cleaned. BCD is leak tested and must hold air for 30 minutes. *BCDs which undergo a diagnostic maintain their factory warranty if they were covered when turned in. **To maintain the manufacturer’s warranty the manufacturer’s paperwork must be turned in […]


Regulator Repair

Regulator Overhaul (Yearly) Regulator system inspected for abnormalities & tested on a flow bench. Unit is then disassembled and all parts are cleaned in an ultrasonic machine. Unit is reassembled using manufacturer parts and specifications. Regulators are tuned and cycled on a breathing machine to simulate diving. This eliminates the “break-in” period in which a […]


Drysuit Services

  Air-Leak Test: Suit is inflated and pressure tested for leaks in all seams valves and zippers. Latex Seal Replacement: Old seal is removed, sealing area is cleaned, and the replacement seal is installed. Parts & Labor (One Wrist – Standard) $48 (Both Wrists – Standard) $80 (Neck – Standard) $85 Installation of Latex Dry […]