Regulator Repair

Regulator Overhaul (Yearly)

  1. Regulator system inspected for abnormalities & tested on a flow bench.
  2. Unit is then disassembled and all parts are cleaned in an ultrasonic machine.
  3. Unit is reassembled using manufacturer parts and specifications.
  4. Regulators are tuned and cycled on a breathing machine to simulate diving. This eliminates the “break-in” period in which a regulator tuning may change after a few dives.
  5. Intermediate pressure and flow rates are checked and tuned. Numerical data is recorded
  6. Unit is tested under water for leaks.

Labor Charges

  • 1st & 2nd Stage, Octo: $90 + Parts
  • 1st Stage Only: $30 + Parts
  • 2nd Stage Only: $30 + Parts
  • O2 Clean: $25 + Parts

*Regulators covered under factory warranty upon turn in retain their manufacturer’s warranty. Check manufacturer’s warranty policy to determine weather regulator is covered.

**To be eligible for a manufacturer parts warranty the manufacturer’s paperwork must be up to date and turned in at a time of drop off.

Regulator Diagnostics $25

  1. Regulator is inspected for corrosion, wear, and hose conditions.
  2. Mouthpieces are checked for damage & wear.
  3. Second stage diaphragms & internal components are inspected.
  4. Intermediate pressure and breathing rates are checked & tuned as necessary on a flow bench.

***Regulators which fail to meet criteria for diagnostic will be overhauled