Join The MudSharks

Love Diving? So do we, become a part of the MudSharks and meet new scuba buddies, find new dive spots, or just enjoy the company of fellow divers while under the surface.

Our Mission
The MudSharks Dive Club provides everyone a chance to get together
and get excited about everything diving. We host a variety of events
and talks by diving pros, as well as trips to little known
dive-sites. Mudshark members enjoy rich diving experiences and build
great, lasting friendships.
Be a MudShark!
Whether you’re a- diver just interested in diving around Puget Sound or  afar-flung adventurer, the MudSharks want you!  Visit
any of our chapters on Facebook for upcoming events. Each chapter has their very own dive programs. We’d love to see you there!


Why “The MudSharks”?

The name MudSharks was chosen to reflect our love for diving in
the Pacific Northwest. Originally, Underwater Sports owner, Gary
Keffler, helped start MudSharks as a local competitive spear fishing
team. The first MudSharks gained fame in contests around the world
and even won the (now long gone) Sea Fair Spear Fishing Tournament
of 1957.


Membership Goodies include: 

  • Club Events- guest speakers, dives, and meetups
  • Special Deals- on equipment and services @ Underwater Sports
  • Newsletter/Facebook- latest diving trends & activities
  • Discounts- special offers on Scuba Instruction @ Underwater Sports

Upcoming Club Dives

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MudShark Gallery

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Those early MudSharks shared wonderful experiences, made lifetime
friends, and grew an ever-deeper commitment to both underwater
recreation and marine stewardship. Inspired by our founding members’
skill, enthusiasum, and spirit of adventure, we proudly carry on the
Mudsharks tradition.

You can always stop by Underwater Sports Seattle to see trophies,
pictures, patches, and other MudSharks memorabilia on permanent
display. Come see what you’re missing!