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We service BCDs, Regulators, Tanks, Drysuits/Wetsuits, and much more.
Our service center is the solution to your gear problem.

A Trusted Source
Divers from all over the world trust us with their safety, bringing us over 3,000 regulators each year for diagnostics, service and overhaul. We also do countless dry suits, hoses, pressure gauges, batteries and etc.Properly functioning gear is crucial
Your safety depends on it. That’s why we are the best technicians in the business to service your gear.Warranty Maintenance
Manufacturers and techs alike say it’s vital to have your gear serviced annually (or sometimes more). It can be essential to maintaining the warranty.What to expect
We are certified technicians that always follow manufacturer guidelines. Conscientious and thorough, we examine every part of your gear. We’re always on the lookout for wear and corrosion, immediately swapping out anything worn or damaged.We want your next dive to be your best dive!

REGULATORS: Service Form / Pricing Information

  • Overhaul/Annual Service
  • Diagnostic Inspection/Flow Bench Test
  • O2 Cleaning

BCD’s: Service Form / Pricing Information

  • Inflator/Alternate Air Source Overhaul
  • Bladder Leak Test
  • Patching

DRYSUITS: Service Form / Pricing Information

Repair / Replace / Install
  • Wrist & Neck Seals
  • Dry Hoods
  • Latex Socks
  • Pockets
  • Knee Pads
  • Zippers
  • Patching
  • Seams
  • Air Leak test

Major Scuba Repair Services

  • Tank/Cylinder Repair Services
  • BCD Repair Services
  • Regulator Repair Services
  • Drysuit/Wetsuit Repair Services
  • Computer Diagnostics Services


  • Regulators, hoses, and pressure gauges checked for leaks
  • Hoses and mouthpieces inspected for wear and tear
  • Intermediate pressure is tested and readjusted (when necessary)
  • Regulator adjusted for best breathing efficiency
  • Accuracy of the pressure gauge checked
  • Computer batteries checked and replaced if necessary

Annual Overhaul

  • Regulator and hoses disassembled.
  • All components cleaned
  • All components thoroughly inspected for cracks, wear, and defects
  • All warranty parts and worn / defective components replaced
  • Regulator and hoses reassembled following manufacturer specifications
  • Regulator adjusted – includes intermediate pressure (IP), flow rates, and inhalation effort

We service most major brands. Whether you’re ready for service today or just have a question send a message to our Scuba Service and Repair Center.

If you need a repair, fill out one of our e-forms, to narrow down your service, then save it. When you are done upload the saved forms to our contact form.

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The Fine Print
We love to service warranties. Bring these few items to help make it quick and easy:

  • Proof of original ownership and purchase date.
  • The Warranty itself (or other applicable warranty info).
  • Paperwork from annual service or performance checks within manufacturer’s guidelines.

Underwater Sports is proud to be authorized to service Aqualung, Apeks, Aeris, Apollo, Atomic Aquatics, Bare, DUI, Genesis, Harveys, Hollis, H2Odyssey, Mares, Northern Diver, Oceanic, OMS, OTS/Interspiro, Poseidon, Scubapro, SubGear, ScubaMax, Seaquest, Sherwood Scuba, Spare Air, Tusa, USIA, Viking, XS Scuba, Whites, and Zeagle. If you’re curious about a brand not listed here, please contact our Scuba Service and Repair Center.