Cylinder Services

Air Quality Testing $95 (Quarterly)

  1. Gas inside a cylinder is analyzed for oxygen percentage, water vapor, dew point, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. A report is then generated with specific, suggestions, and their final air grade.

Cylinder Hydrostatic Test (3-5 Years) $40

  1. A visual inspection of the cylinder is conducted as per industry standards.
  2. Cylinder is pressure tested above working pressure, per DOT standards.
  3. Cylinder is marked with a new hydrostatic inspection stamp which is good for 3-5 years, depending on the cylinder type.
  4. A current visual inspections ticker is applied, which is valid for 1 year.

Cylinder Visual Inspection (Yearly) $15

  1. Steel and Aluminum cylinders are visually inspected and eddy current tested for imperfections such as cracks, pitting, contamination, rust, etc.
  2. Inspection of cylinder neck, threads, cylinder walls, cylinder base, and valve is included.
  3. A current visual inspection sticker is applied and valid for 1 year.

Other Cylinder Maintenance

  1. Tumble: Cylinder is drained, filled with appropriate media/cleaning solution and rolled in place until cleaned. $25
  2. Banding: Twin cylinders and/or cylinders with clamps or hard mounted rings are removed for service and bands are replaced to complete service. $40
  3. Nitrox Cleaning: Cylinder is visually inspected then cleaned for oxygen compatibility to an “immaculate” standard, free of contaminates. Cylinder is decaled, designating it “Nitrox Ready”.
    Nitrox Clean New Tank: $29.95
    Used Tank: $69.95
  4. Burst Disc Replacement: A new burst disc is installed to manufacturer’s specified pressure and torque. (As necessary) $12
  5. Valve Overhaul: Valve is disassembled, o-rings are replaced, other components are cleaned & burst disc is replaced. Valve is then tested for operation. (Every 2-5 years) $30